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Biophilic Design

biophilic design

KIOME’s biophilic design approach is a significant departure from traditional multi-residential living. Too often multi-residential design places focus on ‘luxury’ and falls short in providing an authentic offering for ‘quality of life.’ First referenced in 1973 by Erich Fromm, the positive effects of biophilia or connecting with nature was further hypothesised in 1993 by Edward O Wilson, who published that humanity has a primal need to connect with ‘life’ in all its forms. As humans, we are deeply connected to our natural environment. For KIOME, Biophilia sits at its core; where people’s physical and mental wellbeing is inherently linked to the permeating and proven benefits of our natural surroundings. Known to reduce stress, enhance creativity and improve health, biophilic design is increasingly becoming recognised as a remedy to the tension and relentlessness of our fast-urbanising world. Research from around the world has shown that being connected to nature can:

1.Improve mood
2.Improve energy
3.Improve sleep quality
4.Improve cognitive performance
5.Reduce pain
6.Reduce stress
7.Improve health


“The passionate love of life and of all that is alive.”

erich fromm



Integrated, natural elements feature throughout every residence.


KIOME blurs the line between external and internal spaces.

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