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A Consciously Connected Design






A Consciously Connected Design

At KIOME, creating that sense of community where you feel secure, nurtured and connected is important. KIOME’s abundant gardens, rooftop pool and other shared areas will enrich your time with loved ones and create new friendships. The true essence of community will extend to friends and neighbours, creating a sense of belonging within the building. Whether you are enjoying a quiet moment to yourself, taking in the expansive views from your balcony or entertaining family and friends in the beautifully appointed dining area within the rooftop garden, the choice is yours. KIOME offers residents a unique extension of their home with its key features of residences amenities. KEY FEATURES OF RESIDENCES AMENITIES 1. ROOFTOP POOL & ENTERTAINING The north-facing rooftop pool and entertaining area have been thoughtfully designed to offer each resident a unique extension of their home, without the burden of personal maintenance. Each space provides functional and flexible uses, whether it is to relax by the poolside or to entertain family and friends while immersed in the outdoors. 2. RIVER GARDENS KIOME’s landscape design surrounding the building on the ground level is unlike any other new residential development in Brisbane.. The gardens have been purposefully designed to enhance the local biodiversity with densely planted native landscaping while giving residents and guests a chance to escape and reconnect with nature, right down to the river’s edge. 3. OPEN CENTRAL ATRIUM KIOME’s four-storey central atrium has been designed to create a vast open-to-air internal garden and stairway that naturally links each residence to one another. The central atrium was designed to enhance KIOME’s community by creating more opportunities for residents to connect and strengthen personal relationships within the building. 4. EDIBLE LANDSCAPE KIOME overflows with edible native species. Designed to encourage exploration and immersion into nature, residents have the ability to share in a harvest from a diverse array of productive and forgeable species across the property. KIOME features an abundance of fruits, herbs and other edible plants throughout its gardens that in return invite residents to come together in a shared approach to healthier urban living. KIOME’s amenities provide residents with an opportunity to build a sense of community with their neighbours and friends. KIOME has something for everyone.


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