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A Living Form: From the Architect






A LIVING Form – From the Architect

From the very beginning, the vision for KIOME was to create a space that fostered a meaningful connection between residents and nature. These riverfront residences offer singularly captivating features that have not yet been offered in Brisbane apartment living. From the inside-out, KIOME embraces our team’s earnest pursuit of sustainable and holistic design—from material selections, interior design and architectural form. Every internal element and exterior interface has been meticulously crafted, considered, and assessed for its impact and ability to integrate functionality, comfort, sustainability, beauty, and innovation. KIOME is a celebration of biophilic design, which is rooted in the understanding that our connection with nature is fundamental to our health and wellbeing. As urbanisation continues to spread, it's more essential than ever to seek out places and spaces that can reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve overall health and wellbeing. KIOME provides all of that and more. At ELLIVO, we're immensely proud of KIOME and the collaboration that brought it to life. It's a special project that embodies our values and showcases our team's dedication to sustainable, holistic design. If you're looking for a new home in Brisbane, we invite you to experience KIOME Residences for yourself. Mason Cowle Principal, ELLIVO Alana Muir Senior Architect, ELLIVO



13 October 2022

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9 November 2022

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1 August 2023

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