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KIOME Residences is a ground-breaking multi-residential development that places sustainability at the forefront of its design. Our dedicated and unwavering team has crafted a building that authentically incorporates a wide range of sustainability considerations—from reducing our environmental impact on energy, water and waste to enhancing the local biodiversity, prioritising high-quality recycled building materials and reducing our embodied carbon. KIOME has taken a comprehensive approach to sustainable development that is unmatched in Brisbane. 1. ENERGY Efficient and clever energy solutions are paramount to KIOME’s considered lifestyle and amenities. Capturing the sun’s power, the solar energy system provides a renewable source of energy that reduces our residents’ collective carbon footprint and communal area energy costs. Green power is also proposed to be delivered throughout the development to further offset KIOME’s environmental footprint. 2. WATER Water conservation is also a significant consideration in KIOME's design. The development features an on-site rainwater harvesting system, which is used for the building's landscaping. High-quality water-saving fixtures and appliances are also used throughout the development, reducing potable water consumption and promoting water conservation. 3. LANDSCAPING KIOME embraces a fully integrated native and edible landscape design and a living connection to greenery. KIOME will provide residents with fresh produce and a constant connection to nature, as well as increasing the biodiversity of the area, adding to the native fauna’s food security, and revegetate the Brisbane River’s riparian zone. 4. MATERIALS From the inside out, KIOME is a curation of considerate and rigorous material selection. Materials have been chosen to minimise our impact on the environment while ensuring longevity, durability and lower maintenance is achieved. ADDITIONAL FEATURES 1. Waste reduction & recycling 2. On-site organic waste management & composting 3. Electric vehicle charging 4. Ageing-in-place design (LHA) 5. Natural ventilation 6. 7 Star NatHERS Rating (Energy) 7. Ageing-in-place design — LHA (Silver) Certification 8. Waste reduction & recycling 9. On-site organic waste management & composting 10. EnviroDevelopment (6-Leaf) Accreditation 11. Fossil fuel free “Built on the pillars of biophilic design, sustainability and community, these residences have been crafted to truly enhance the way we live, going much further than simply how it looks.” Riye Arai Coupe, Co Founder, SABI Property Group By embracing biophilic design principles and prioritising sustainability, KIOME offers a new standard in multi-residential living that is both luxurious and environmentally responsible.


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