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A Life of Grandeur and Tranquillity

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A hidden sanctuary

Drawing inspiration from the river and surrounding environment, each of the seven KIOME Residences have been crafted and detailed around beauty, functionality, a conscious lifestyle and timeless luxury. The interiors of these three and four bedroom apartments are intricately crafted to offer a refined design and sensory-rich experience while providing flexibility in the way the spaces are used every day.
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Designed to be the central congregation point for the gathering of family and friends, these over-sized three bedroom Residences feature vast 6-metre sculpted kitchen islands. Framed by a consciously selected engineered stone, the space also features different tonalities of green enriched by shades of white that create depth and a luxurious look of transparency.
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a private HAVEN

The interiors of each living space have been intricately crafted to offer a refined design and sensory-rich retreat while providing flexibility in the way the spaces are used every day.

Immersed in Greenery

The master ensuite has been designed to immerse residents in nature. A choice of colour and materiality also provides richness and a textural experience in your private retreat. Throughout your home, the connections between the inside and outdoor garden areas have been embraced in the way you might experience in a house immersed in a subtropical landscape. Designed to feel like a sanctuary, step outside and spend the evening soaking in your own outdoor bath looking out to the evening sky.

Personalised Living

Every resident will have the opportunity to customise their feature wall. Each and every module is interchangeable and their location can be personally selected to suit each resident's unique living rituals.

A Curated Home



Interior Options

Jardan is a family-owned, Australian furniture, homewares and lighting company. Their furniture is designed, crafted and manufactured in Melbourne. Jardan and KIOME share common values, both with a focus on sustainable luxury and a belief that good design has a profound impact on our day-to-day lives. Being certified as carbon neutral as of 2014, Jardan gives their clients the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both beautiful and sustainable furniture.

Par Taps


Par Taps are an Australian manufacturer of high quality, designer tapware and accessories. All products are also designed in-house by the Par Taps Team and all taps are manufactured within Australia. Beautiful and functional, Par Taps are the perfect highlight to KIOME kitchens and bathrooms. Par Taps contributes to KIOME’s biophilic design by bringing the outdoors inside, where kitchens and bathrooms feature a living, organic burnished finish to the designer tapware.



V-ZUG are a Swiss appliance company bringing simplicity into your home and creativity into your kitchen. Known for their progressive and innovative approach to sustainability, V-ZUG offer residents smooth functioning, sustainable and truly joyful experiences. KIOME residents will enjoy the full force of simplicity in luxury with their V-ZUG cooking appliances.

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