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Biophilic Design

Sustainable Design

From inception, KIOME has been guided by a comprehensive sustainable development approach. Our dedicated and unwavering team has crafted a building that authentically incorporates a wide range of sustainability considerations—from reducing our environmental impact on energy, water and waste to enhancing the local biodiversity, prioritising high-quality recycled building materials and reducing our embodied carbon.


5.Natural cross ventilation throughout
6.7 Star NatHERS Rating (Energy)*
7.Ageing-in-place design — LHA (Silver) Certification*
8.Electric vehicle charging
9.Waste reduction & recycling
10.On-site organic waste management & composting
11.EnviroDevelopment (6-Leaf) Accreditation*
12.Fossil fuel-free

*As-built’ accreditation target, subject to variation

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.



Rainwater Harvesting


Rigorous, low-maintenance material selection.

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